Edimate founder and owner Ed Scheele came from three generations of roofing contracting, along with a personal background of Accounting in the US Air Force and the University of Dayton.  Through his own business endeavors, Ed has vast knowledge of every aspect of the construction industry, as well as entrepreneurship, sales, and marketing.

Ed remembers in the 80’s keeping “job boards” on the walls with poster-board to have a visual of job production.  Hours on weekends were spent with ledger paper and a pencil “breaking down” job profits to ensure commissioned sales reps were paid on time.

As technologies became increasingly available, Ed moved from poster board to Excel.  About this time, Ed and Amy were married and became a great business team.  Amy worked in the construction and roofing industry from 1988 to 2009 in just about every capacity of the company except installation. (Although through an annual volunteer project, finally even did that! See our community page).  In 1992, Amy changed from Peachtree to Quickbooks.  While Quickbooks is an excellent check writing program and is useful for bank recs, 1099s, and as a year-end profit and loss tool, it didn’t seem to have the production management capabilities the rapid growth the construction business required.

From Excel to Access, Microsoft Project, MySQL, and now Apple’s Filemaker Pro, Ed and Amy created what was known in the office, jokingly, as “Edimate”.

Years later, after selling the construction business, Ed and Amy continued to share their construction business knowledge and improve or create operating systems to facilitate the running of numerous businesses more effectively and profitably.

Now after many years of inside office use, (beta), that same solution that first evolved from an advanced Excel Workbook Ed had created, has been revamped for the 21st Century in Filemaker.

With a wide variety of modules and industry specific custom solutions, Edimate is the premier software solution for any company type, size, and budget.