1. Build a better business software and consulting company involved in B2B products and services that will gain a reputation for outstanding service within the community and will, first and foremost, always be responsive to our customers needs!
  2. Be close to our customers – good communication.
  3. Know the customers’ needs, wants, and desires and surpass them with driving force.
  4. Survey the customers’ satisfaction with our services on a regular basis.
  5. Focus on “value added” benefits to the customers (quality and service, respect for their business and its return on investment.)
  6. Base our organization on customer input and focus; set quality standards for customer service – expectations that are specific and measurable in each department.
  7. Focus and reengineer our processes based on customer needs and perceptions across all functions.
  8. Reward customer-focused behaviors and heavy use of strategies to surpass our customers’ expectations.
  9. Hire and promote customer-friendly people! Make use of our backgrounds and experience to provide high quality products and services; to provide employment opportunities for qualified individuals; to provide for our families needs.
  10. Every staff member shall guide his or her day-to-day operating decisions with specific consideration for performing any task or solving every problem in a way that is:
  •      Expedient
  •      Finishes the item completely – the first time
  •      Enhances relationships with all parties involved.
  •      Adds to the reputation of the company and to personal stature